Startup Putting the Artificial Intelligence Core in Solid-State Drives

2019-08-05出处:Industry News Today

Startup InnoGrit has debuted a set of 3 controllers for the solid-state drives (SSDs), which also includes o...阅读全文

英韧科技推出三大系列固态硬盘控制器产品 闪耀亮相2019闪存峰会


2019年8月,英韧科技(InnoGrit)首发亮相国际顶级闪存峰会Flash Memory Summit。公司联合创始人,前Marvell CTO,著名的技术领袖吴子宁将在本次峰会上做精彩的...阅读全文

Startup Claims Edge in Performance, Price, Size

2019-08-02出处:EE Times India

InnoGrit debuts with a family of three controllers for solid-state drives, one with an embedded inference...阅读全文

InnoGrit Comes Out Of Stealth With New SSD Controllers

2019-08-01出处:Adam Armstrong

Today the start-up company, InnoGrit, came out of stealth with its new portfolio of SSD controller solutions...阅读全文

Innogrit Debuts With Four NVMe SSD Controllers


A new SSD controller designer is coming out of stealth mode today. Innogrit was founded in 2016 by storage ind...阅读全文